I remember the first time I saw Ben Affleck. I was living in LA and at an IFP West screening of Chasing Amy. The director, Kevin Smith, spoke after the movie. I liked him. Liked the movie- it was pure independent feature and a slice of 1997 saved to film.

poster227x227   I remember liking Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams and the whole idea of falling in love with what you can’t have and the heartbreak that must happen. I was curious about comics- had my favorite characters like Wolverine and the Tick back then. Kevin used comics as setting and character in the movie.

I wanted to be a Producer who made films like this. What I never thought was, I’m going to be part of a comic book team.

crwj_kzw8aabfpm            But guess what happened to me? After working eighteen years in film and television I left the business to be a full time writer and stay-at-home mom. (because for me raising a good person is the hardest and most rewarding job)

And eight years after that I got a tweet from Jim Zub saying he read an essay of mine and wanted to know if I was interested in writing back matter for his comic book GLITTERBOMB. We tweeted back and forth then emailed- he sent me the first book and I was like HELLS YEAH! SIGN ME UP.

I became part of an amazing creative team. A creative team that is encouraging and talented and kind. It’s all very different than LA creative teams and I’m really liking it.

Here’s the team:

Creator/Writer: @JimZub

Co-Creator/Line Art/Cover



Back Matter Essay


Today, GLITTERBOMB launches- and I’d love for you to see what serendipity looks like as a horror comic.

18 years film production + 8 years of writing + one of my published essays= GLITTERBOMB back matter

Back Matter are my stories of life in LA and sets the real life backdrop for Farrah and the horror of a fading Hollywood actress. #whodoesn’tlikerevenge?


If you’e not sure where you can buy GLITTERBOMB click here.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story in the back of Glitterbomb! I am an BFA acting graduate from the College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. I Went to the School for Creative and Performing Arts before that. I stayed in town and started theatre(s) with other local artist. I know all to well how the entertainment industry can “produce” people and situations no one should, not only have to work in but live though. I also, suffer from anxiety and depression. It is not easy to stay healthy in the entertainment industry that is for sure. Thanks for your courage!

    1. Taren,
      Thanks for reaching out and finding me! I wish you much success in your career and hope you always remember to take care of yourself! I’ll be looking for your name in the credits. 🙂

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