Fickle Muse

Creativity is fickle. I wrote for eight hours yesterday- inspired thoughts rambled then lined up, my fingertips dutifully tapped away on my keyboard then I replaced my mouse’s batteries and finished writing a story. I felt good about myself. Went to bed exhausted and satisfied.

Today, I’m revising a story I wrote a week ago and it’s all hard work. Nothing feel right. I try to massage it, make it more compelling and print worthy. But my creative muse vanished she’s mute and no matter how hard I type nothing works. Or at least it’s not working for me. I’m sure you can tell- even this post is awkward.

You ever have days like that?



2 thoughts on “Fickle Muse

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  1. I find those are the days that you just get the words on to the page, knowing you will come back and make them better. This is the craft. The art comes later. Good luck.

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