DYK there are mean girls in elementary school?

I walked through my daughter’s elementary school yesterday morning and saw how children’s faces changed after they said goodbye to parents, the subtle shift of anxiety, how they pulled down an invisible mask to get through the day, and a clump of mean girls giggling and making every other girl feel uncomfortable.

I thought this wasn’t going to happen until middle school. Wish I could tell each child I saw they are perfect the way they are, they matter and don’t be what others think you should be, be yourself.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the mean girls’ houses to see what is creating the meanness and I wish I could slap it out of them. (I know it’s not PC it’s an expression.)

I wish my child didn’t have anxiety and worry about her friendships about how many she has and all of the ways her mind quantifies her popularity.

I hope my love sinks in and forms a protective layer. I hope she feels her parents’ unwavering love and support when she is not near us. I hope she develops the sense of self I’m working hard to instill. I hope her heart doesn’t shrink. I hope she stays exactly who she is and I will love her always.


Scarymommy posted something similar.

6 Things I Want My Perfectly Unpopular Middle School-Aged Daughter To Know by


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