Newsarama Reviews my Work


Newsarama’s review of GLITTERBOMB. glitterbomb_3_cover

Best Shots Review: GLITTERBOMB #3 Reveals ‘The Truth of Hollywood Is The Scariest Thing of All’ (10/10)

Months ago Jim Zub reached out to me via Twitter to be part of his comic book team and every day since has been amazing. He is talented, fair, and enjoyable to work for. The team’s creativity is top notch. I consider myself lucky to be part of GLITTERBOMB.

GLITTERBOMB continues to receive positive reviews and I’m amazed.

And when I read that people are connecting to my essays, well, it fills my heart with joy and gladness.

Matthew Sibley said this about my work:

Holly Raychelle Hughes’ essays close out each issue and prove how accurate Glitterbomb is. They recollect the themes seeded in the pages of the comic into cautionary tales about Hollywood and the people. Here she succinctly sums up the thesis of the issue – that the ones who hang others out to dry do it instinctively and show no remorse about doing so, even after years of it having the opportunity to plague on their consciences because they’ll happily do it again.

I don’t believe these essays shouldn’t be defined as back matter, because that implies they’re only for the most dedicated of readers, nor do I consider it correct to label them as supplementary material because for the same reason. Instead they should be treated as required reading because not only are they poignant, but they ground the horror. The body horror might be the hook, but the most resonant idea is that the industry itself is a living nightmare for many. Without these essays, Zub, Hughes, Morissette-Phan, Marshall and Dillon wouldn’t be able to reinforce that there’s a truth to this book, and that’s the scariest thing of all.

Please go to your local comic book store and check out GLITTERBOMB. It’s where Hollywood horror bleeds into reality.

Can’t wait for you all to read #4!





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