It’s really easy for me to say 2016 sucked.

It’s really easy for me to say 2016 sucked. I went through physical pain, emotional trauma, had a hysterectomy, coped with family illness and during the past year, especially the last few weeks, our country’s emotional outcry is doing a job on my nervous system and is overwhelming my empathic gifts.

But I am an optimist. And I don’t let the hard things, the things that have frightened and disappointed me define me.

2016 is the year my essays found an audience. I received positive reviews. I’ve gone viral. I’ve been interviewed. I discovered the world of comic books. I revised my YA 2x times and two handfuls of agents have it. Two different contests selected my work. I made new friends. I healed from surgery. I opened my intuitive-healing office and have seen my gifts have a positive impact on others. My friends got agents and books published. 

The only single person who has control over my life is me. My choices, my perspectives, how I conduct myself, and contribute to my world.

Don’t give your power away. Don’t let fear paint your rose-colored glasses gray. Be nice. Like attracts like. Feel how you feel then use it as a tool for positive change.

My hope for you, if you’re still reading this, is you take the remaining 6 weeks of the year and do something that makes a positive change in your life. I’ve stepped away from social media for the most part- I’ve got a deadline for my book and people to love. 


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