The Women of Hidden Figures

I’m a HUGE fan of Hidden Figures.

dorothy-vaughanDorothy Vaughan was one of the first African-American woman supervisors at NASA and helped advance the careers of Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson. Once non-human computers were introduced, Vaughan trained herself to become one of the first computer programmers, becoming proficient in early computer languages like FORTRAN.

Mary Jacksonmary-jackson

Jackson began her career at NASA in 1951 as a research mathematician, then went on to become an aerospace engineer. After 34 years in technology at NASA, she decided to take a pay cut and become an equal opportunity specialist, directing her energies to opening doors in STEM to all.




Katherine Johnsonkatherine-johnson

Johnson completed high school at age 14 and graduated summa cum laude with degrees in math and French at 18 after taking every math course offered by West Virginia State College — including some created especially for her. Her deep expertise in geometry enabled her to calculate complex launch trajectories and flight paths for numerous NASA missions.


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