I covet things.

I covet things.

And when I finally buy the thing, I don’t read it or wear it right away.

I enjoy knowing I have it. I see how it looks hanging in my closet or sitting on my bookshelf or resting on my bedside table.

My husband thinks I’m weird. He doesn’t understand why I don’t jump in and enjoy the thing I wanted so much. Why do I wait to wear a dress? A pair of shoes? Why not immediately crack open the book and plunge into the story?

I can’t remember a time when waiting to enjoy something wasn’t part of my enjoyment.

I really wanted a white summer dress. It’s in my closet. It’s so cute! I want to wear it, but not yet. I want to wear it for something special and sitting at my desk isn’t special enough. Neither is grocery shopping or running my child back and forth to camp.

There’s one book I’m dying to read, but won’t pick up because I know I won’t be able to put it down and it’s gonna break my heart. Okay, you caught me, it’s like four books, but you know what I mean?

Anyone else do this?


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