What Happens in Hollywood Stays in Hollywood

I’m a fan of Amber Tamblyn. Here’s why:

Amber Tamblyn: I’m Done With Not Being Believed

I like her because she spoke up!

I write back matter essays for Image Comic’s GLITTERBOMB. These essays are a few of experiences in the 18 years I lived and worked in film and TV in LA. Some of them are easier to write than others.

Being sexually harassed and bullied on a movie is one of my stories. That story of abuse is only one incident. While working in LA being sexualized and relegated to less than was par for the course with many of my male counterparts–not all of them—but many. Dealing with leering men and learning how to handle their attempts at inappropriate flirtation and unwanted attention was a skill I had to learn.

Owning my own bad behavior and writing about my poor decisions isn’t easy. I do the best to be honest about it all.

These kinds of stories are all over Hollywood. They seep into the culture. They appear to be a woman’s price of admission.

Amber’s honesty probably comes at a price for her, too. I’m glad she’s brave enough to pay it!






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