I wish there was a data base list of sexual harassers people had access to


I’ve been preoccupied with the idea of justice.

George denies he threw me on a table in front of a group of people and dry humped me. I know he’s lying. I have witnesses.

The DGA says it has a no tolerance policy for sexual harassment, yet there isn’t any info on how to file a complaint against a member. Most film and television production is done through a subsidiary company or LLC so a parent company can legally cover its ass. Employees of film and television production are work-for-hire. There really is no place safe to go if something terrible happens.

This is what needs to happen.

The Producers Guild of America needs to create a database. It will keep sexual harassment information about cast and crew members. It will include everything from unwelcome jokes, hostile abusive work environment, unwanted sexual advances, verbal sexual harassment, physical sexual harassment and so on.

It will name the person responsible for the harassment. It will allow the person who filed the complaint to remain publicly anonymous.

It will show if the perpetrator apologized.

It will give the victim a chance to speak in a safe place.

It will provide an opportunity for the harasser to learn from their behavior, correct it, and stop it. I imagine the offender going to classes to learn what is appropriate and not.

Instead of a silent network of sexual harassers and pedophiles having power, the victims of their unwanted behavior will.

People can use the database to look names up, and make choices based on their behavior, and if that person is wanted on set.

Personally, I believe there are plenty of talented and good people out there. Sure they may get testy on set, joke around, and flirt to get through the day, but they also know the line between appropriate and not. Between welcome and unwelcome. Hire those talented people. Not the other ones.

Who’s with me?


5 thoughts on “I wish there was a data base list of sexual harassers people had access to

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  1. I am. I just read Glitterbomb. It’s a great comic. I loved it. But I was sad to read the terrible story of your experience in the industry. And sad that it’s like so many others. I’m glad you found a way to present your work. I hope it brings you the success you deserve.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m so glad you enjoyed GLITTERBOMB. The creative team lead by Jim Zub is amazing creatively and they’re great men, too. Happy holidays!

  2. Hi Holly, I just ran across that story you did about your experiences working on a movie directed by an “Alexander” for xojane.com. I put 2 and 2 together. So I edited the “Election” Wikipedia page to show your sexual assault claim against “George” (George Parra I presume).

    I’m letting you know so you can delete it if I’ve reached the wrong conclusions from reading your story, or if you just want to delete it for fear of lawsuits. Obviously I can’t speak for you, but I’m giving you a nudge to speak out against him here. If you have eyewitnesses, and can get the DGA or LAPD to investigate, the truth will out. Another options is reporting it to investigative reporters at the LA Times, NY Times, Variety, and Hollywood Reporter. The actress Jessica Barth has a gmail account linking to a database you can add your story to — you can see it pinned to her Twitter page.

    Also I’ve read about a new sexual harassment/assault hotline set up by Women in Film, might be worth a call. Here’s one of the articles that mentions it:


    Finally, I believe a DA (Jackie Lacey?) has set up a new LAPD task force to deal with these matters.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for all the great information and the support!

      I’ve been linked and scrubbed from Wikipedia several times and have spoken to reporters in the past.

      I have witnesses, but those with power behind their name still have more influence. And some who saw are still afraid of losing their jobs.

      I hope this is a time of shifting ideals and those who have endured sexual harassment won’t have to any more.

  3. Sure thing. Just curious: were the witnesses the 5 people who you referred to in the xojane article?
    If so, you could probably get attention called to this right now, considering Payne has a new movie out.

    “a few producers, the production manager, the director, maybe a driver from transportation, a production assistant or two”

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