Creating Community

Did you know writing can be a lonely process?

I spend my days talking to the characters in my head and creating the drama they endure and the love that drives them, but really it’s me sitting at my desk thumping away at my keyboard in a rhythm that some days is fast and others slow.

Enter social media.

It can be a time suck or a boost, depending on how you work it.

For me, it helped create honest to goodness real world friends. Writers I met via #PitchWars, #P2P16, #PitMad, #PitchSlam are now my people. Many of which I see in person on a regular basis. They are the writers who virtually cheer me on and in person make me laugh. They’re the people I trust with my work. I show up for their events, I adore their personalities, I joke and have a few drinks over apps and catching up hours at a time.

I think it’s hard to be a lone wolf in an industry fraught with rejection. Find your people!


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