It’s a Process

I’m working on my next YA manuscript. The idea and story came to me over a year ago. The main character would chatter in my ear while I was busy trying to do revisions on my other manuscript.

But now that I have the time and intention and want my main characters to talk to me, all I can think about is almost anything but them. They are quite. Pouting in the recess of my brain. Punishing me.

Wait that’s not true.

I attended the Free-Expressions Break Out Novel Intensive. I plotted my whole book there. I have a list of characters and terrible scenarios to make the endure and live through. I know some of their voices and choices, but still, the story itself seems to want to go at a different pace than my impatient self-imposed deadlines.

Last year I was prolific. Between my novel and essays I was cranking out pages, stories, and chapters like wildfire. It felt so good.

Could I be burned out? Creatively tired? Is my imagination on a break from my will?

Maybe? I don’t know.

I’m going to do what I’d tell any other writer to do. Write for five minutes. Because more times than not, 5 minutes end up being much long.

Hope you’re having a creative day!



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