The Kissing Booth

I didn’t know about THE KISSING BOOTH by Beth Reekles before yesterday. I found it on Netflix last night. And it reminded me of the letters I wrote for my friends when I was in High School.

Then I saw Beth wrote the book when she was young, too and it makes me enjoy the story all the better.

See, when I was in high school I wrote stories for my friends where they got the guy, the one they had secret and not so secret crushes on. The boys they loved from afar and in them everything was good. I remember folding the hand-written love stories on pages and pages of loose-leaf paper and the thrill of knowing I was going to help make someone happy.

So if you think you don’t have the time to read THE KISSING BOOTH by Beth Reekles, then watch the Netflix version. But really buy the book and support and author who is also studying at univesrsity.

The production value and casting made me forget all my own personal Hollywood horror stories and brought me back to a time of first love and innocence.


Have fun obsessing!

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Full cast and crew: 

Joey King

Joel Courtney 

Jacob Elordi 



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