Jurassic World I have a plot for you


I really wanted to enjoy Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. I have a crush on Chris Pratt, adore Bryce Dallas Howard, and once worked with Jeff Goldblum.

My 10-year-old gave it this review, “There are long boring parts then some screaming. It was kinda like a TV show.”

Here’s what the Observer said. I like the review.

However, I’m a fan, a writer, and have the plot they should’ve used.

Years after Jurassic World closes, a scientific team of paleontologists, scientists, and behaviorists, lead by Owen, remain behind to study dinosaurs and ensure none escape.

Despite their genius with living things the team is at the mercy of the island’s volcano. It erupts destroying the island utopia and endangering all living dinosaurs.

Owen and the team must find another island and a way to move all land, sea, and air dinosaurs from the island. En route to New Eden, the Noah’s arch of paleontology is hijacked by evil greedy men who want the DNA of all species to wield as weapons.

Owen and Claire must find a way to save the dinosaurs and keep humanity safe. If they fail it means extinction for one of us.


***images are public domain




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