Pitch Wars Poe Prompts

If you don’t know about Pitch Wars. click here, it’s an amazing Twitter mentorship between writers. I myself applied, made it to the “let me read your full MS round”, and wasn’t selected. But that year I made incredible real life friends and my manuscript is better for it. As a matter of fact, I got my agent from another Twitter contest.

I applied to be a Pitch Wars mentor this year. I believe in helping people the way I’ve been helped. Let’s lift each other up!

This year there is a list of prompts to help the community get to know one another. The Poe Prompts.


Here’s my tweet from today:

D5 Revision Tips 1. A good CP 2. Time away 3. Passion 4. Determination 5. Ass in chair time 6. Read aloud 7. Search for ING words 8. Search for your crutch word (just, that, smirk, etc) and replace or delete 9. Read aloud 10. Never give up 11. NEVER GIVE UP

Click here to catch up on the rest of my answers.





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