Dear Demi

Dear Demi,

I’m sorry you’re struggling. You didn’t have to write me a letter for me to feel your pain. You see, I know your pain. I’ve watched it and lived through it and felt the shakes and the  shame. I know the power of addiction, its secret seductive lies and the lies it makes you tell. The lies that pile onto lies until they are a truth.

I know what it’s like to keep a brave face for others, so they won’t worry, so it’ll give you time to get control, stop, do less, and take care of the people you love.

But addiction never lets us do what we want. It’s a greedy leech stealing our lifeblood and draining us completely of clear conscious thought.

I’m so glad you have help. I’m so glad you have support.

You know why?

Because you’re fucking amazing. You are loved. You are missed. It’s okay to lean on people for help. It’s always okay to ask for help. It’s always okay to voice your weakness to friends and loved ones.

I’m here behind you, sending love and support. How can I help you today?

Much love,



As some of you may know I wrote a YA manuscript called DEAR DEAD DRUNK GIRL. Mary, my main character, struggles with addiction. And I believe this is what she’d write to Demi Lovato. I have my own experiences of dealing with addiction and alcoholism. Although I am not an addict, people close to me and whom I love are. It is my great hope to support those with addiction especially when they are fighting for sobriety minute by minute and day by day. I admire Demi Lovato. 

You are loved.


***image not my own found in Google search


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