You Are A Warrior

Do you recognize the warrior within you? Or are you too busy comparing yourself to the person next to you. The one who’s doing better at it than you are?


Don’t listen to that voice telling you you’re behind. That you should just give up. Or work faster. Don’t believe the voice if it tells you every thing you did today was a waste of time.

It’s not.

You are a warrior.

To my creative friends, the writers, artists, and musicians. I’m so proud of you for listening to the part of your soul that would be unfulfilled without art. Instead of numbing yourself and deadening the call you listen. You create. You live!

This is what you do every day. You get up and think about your art. You think about how to make it better. You spend hours on your craft. Without anyone else telling you to do it. Without getting paid. Without thousands or people telling you, “Hooray! You did it.”

You may be getting rejections, lots and lots of rejections. But do you stop?

Hell no.

You say, “One step closer to my yes. One day closer to finishing this draft. This song, this piece.”

You tell people you’re not going to stop. You’re going to get better and keep at it.

That’s why you’re such a warrior. How many people do you know can face down a ‘no’ so often and know in their heart the answer is really YES. Yes, you are meant to do what you’re doing. Yes you are creative and you are meant to unleash your story and art from your soul and share it with the world.

So no sulking.


This woman here. yes me, believes in you.

Go forth and create!!!


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*all images found on Google search for warrior


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