Hurricane Florence

As we brace for the impact of Hurricane Florence, I want to reach out and make sure you’re prepared.

Get yourself some non-perishable food, nourishing food hat is eatable without needing to be cooked, candles, several days of clothing, cash, full tanks of gas, luggage filled with at least 3 days of clothing, medicine, toiletries and anything that comforts you. Better safe than sorry. Have the suitcase in your car and spend today charging your devices. Check your flashlights to make sure they don’t require new batteries. Get some extra batteries. Have candles and matches at the ready. Create a plan to contact family members who may worry about you so they don’t waste the charge on your phone with checking-in messages.

Bring things that can blow away into your garage or inside. Trash cans, a favorite porch chair, or smoker. Do you have enough pet food? Have your pets crate in your car in case you have to evacuate, along with a favorite toy, and pet food.

Unplug computers if you can when the storm hits so they can’t be damaged by a surge. I’ve survived the Northridge Earthquake and a house fire. I know what it is to be displaced.



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