Punchy Book Club

Things I did today during Tropical Storm Florence:

  • Watched the rain come down
  • Listened to the storm coverage
  • Watched water run down my street
  • Colored my daughter’s hair
  • Played with temporary tattoos with daughter
  • Colored my hair
  • Walked the dog in the rain
  • Read
  • Snacked
  • Watched how my friends are holding up in the storm
  • Listened to a podcast review my work! Surreal moment for me. And so much fun. Once again congratulations to the entire GLITTERBOMB team for creating such a great book!#PunchyBookClub pre-show is LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!
    #TeamPunchy #Glitterbomb

And it’s only 2:40P. Can’t wait t see what else happens today. #staysafe


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