October 2018: Contests, Writing Workshops, and Halloween Oh My!

I love Halloween. There are six more days until I break out my skeletons, inflatables, haunted radios, pumpkins, spider webs, and all things spooky. My posable skeletons are waiting in the guest room while I plot how to pose them on the outside of my house to make it look like they are crawling up and into a window. I have to promise my child not to put the really scary things out until the week before because they scare her.

Florence Fountain
where do the dead sleep?

But Halloween isn’t the only exciting thing happening this month.

This October is the inaugural year for YA4YA Don’t know what that us? Well, let me tell you: YA4YA is a platform where aspiring YA authors can get free mentoring from industry professionals.


Curious about the contest? Join us for a Twitter chat September 26th, at 6PM EDT. Use #YA4YA get to know our mentors and ask them all your questions! Follow on Twitter: @YA4YAproject

Our submission window opens October 1st!

Wait there’s more!

New York Times Bestselling Author Nova Ren Suma and I teamed up to create a new generative GHOST STORY writing workshop. 

Details will emerge this month, here. So please check back. For now I can tell you it’s scheduled for June 2019 in the haunted city of CHARLESTON, S.C.. And for those of you who didn’t know, I’m also an intuitive healer and medium. Yup, I see dead people. And I’m going to tell you about all the things I see and here in Charleston when you join us. Want to find out more about my gifts? click here.

Nova is currently on her book tour for A Room Away From The Wolves.  

A mesmerizing Gothic novel about the world of dark, magical secrets seventeen-year-old Bina discovers when she runs away to Catherine House in New York City.


Here are her upcoming appearances.


If you haven’t read Nova’s delicious magical and haunting work, please do.

Here’s a link to Nova’s other works: The Walls Around Us. 17 and Gone. Imaginary Girls. Dani Noir.



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