YA4YA Submission Window Closing Soon

Pitch Wars announced their mentor mentee picks. Didn’t get in? Neither did I. Neither did lots of great writers. Neither did some of those who are mentoring. It hurts. It’s okay to pout and be disappointed.

Then if you’re a #YA writer and still want a mentor, check out #YA4YA.


Our submission window is open through October 15, 2018.

Here’s how to apply:


Applications are open October 1st – October 15th 2018.

To apply for YA4YA, please send an email to YA4YAproject@gmail.com with:

  • A selection of mentors in the body of your email;
    • Please choose at least two mentors;
    • You may include a third mentor if you wish;
  • A query letter with the title, genre and word count of your work in the body of your email;
  • Your first 25 pages or 3 chapters, whichever comes first, attached to the email in a Word document;
  • A synopsis, 1-2 pages, attached to the email in a Word document.

Please make sure your subject line reads: YA4YA application –  TITLE – GENRE – NAMES OF YOUR CHOSEN MENTORS.
Sample: YA4YA application – CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE – YA FANTASY – A.J. Celis and Jules Archer

Upon sending your email, you should receive an automatic reply confirming receipt. If not, please try re-sending, or if you still don’t get it (please check your spam box first), tweet to @YA4YAproject.

Mentees will be announced November 1st, so keep an eye on the YA4YA Twitter account!

We are a stunning group of kind, fun, talented, and generous writers who want to help you. All of our bios can be found here.
This is my profile. Think we may be a fit? Please submit!
On a personal note, I’ve been reciting fantasy. I love those stories, but I am not the mentor for them. 
I’m also going to do my best to send a note to everyone who writes me. Please respect my time and work. If you sub something that isn’t a fit, the note will say just that. My notes will most likely be a sentence or two of broad brush stroke notes…for example:
The query has too many details about every
character and not the main plot of the story.
Story opened in the wrong place.
Didn’t connect to the MC.
Now these are SUPER general so you get an idea, this is not based on anything I read so far.
And yes I’ve read some. I know how hard it can be to receive feedback instead of a yes. Trust me, I really do. I’ve been on the other side of many contests. And made great friends on-line because of them. Those friends became my champions and even critique partners.
If you don’t have a critique partner, find one.
Don’t give your work to your parents or your teen kids. they don’t want to hurt your feelings.
Read, read, read, and read some more.
Try a workshop.
My favorite books on writing:


Writing The Breakout Novel


The War of Art

Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott 

Do you know about Save the Cat?

Follow agents and editors on Twitter. They give tips all the time.




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