I met 2,000 of the best people yesterday! Thank you ImaginOn and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for creating a family friendly event full of the best people! If you want to see more from ImagiCon, follow me on twitter!


Pitch Wars Poe Prompts

If you don't know about Pitch Wars. click here, it's an amazing Twitter mentorship between writers. I myself applied, made it to the "let me read your full MS round", and wasn't selected. But that year I made incredible real life friends and my manuscript is better for it. As a matter of fact, I... Continue Reading →

Jurassic World I have a plot for you

I really wanted to enjoy Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. I have a crush on Chris Pratt, adore Bryce Dallas Howard, and once worked with Jeff Goldblum. My 10-year-old gave it this review, "There are long boring parts then some screaming. It was kinda like a TV show." Here's what the Observer said. I like the... Continue Reading →

Imagi-con 2018

Whatchya doing July 21st, 2018? From say 11AM-4PM? Come visit Imagi-con. I'll be there with copies of #GLITTERBOMB. Still deciding if I should dress in cosplay, what do you think?  

The Kissing Booth

I didn't know about THE KISSING BOOTH by Beth Reekles before yesterday. I found it on Netflix last night. And it reminded me of the letters I wrote for my friends when I was in High School. Then I saw Beth wrote the book when she was young, too and it makes me enjoy the story... Continue Reading →

I'm working on my next YA manuscript. The idea and story came to me over a year ago. The main character would chatter in my ear while I was busy trying to do revisions on my other manuscript. But now that I have the time and intention and want my main characters to talk to... Continue Reading →

Emma Gonzalez I See You.

I want to wrap Emma Gonzalez in my arms and keep her safe. I want to pull her out of the glare of public consumption and protect her. Give her space to hopefully ease her way back into a life without having to lead adults. Let her grieve and heal. Let her be quiet. Let... Continue Reading →

Creating Community

Did you know writing can be a lonely process? I spend my days talking to the characters in my head and creating the drama they endure and the love that drives them, but really it's me sitting at my desk thumping away at my keyboard in a rhythm that some days is fast and others... Continue Reading →

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