Editor Author Betsy Thorpe

  Betsy Thorpe has run Betsy Thorpe Literary Services since 2000, an independent editorial services company that helps people meet their publishing goals. She started her career working for many of the large trade publishers in New York, as an acquisitions and developmental editor. She is the author of many ghost-written books, as well as... Continue Reading →


Day 2: Editor Nicole Ayers

Have you wondered what it's like to work with an editor? Have a few questions about how an editor may help your work? Nicole Ayers of Ayers Edits answers questions about the editorial process and what writers should consider before working with an editor. Q: How do you know if you can work with a writer? NA:... Continue Reading →

Questioning my Sanity

Sanity as definied by dictionary.com: sanity [san-i-tee] noun 1. the state of beingsane; soundness of mind. 2. soundness of judgment. I've never claimed to be sane. It doesn't appeal to my sense of self. Since seventh grade I've identified with the wife in The Yellow Wallpaper creeping around her room and imagining herself in the garden and behind the walls. And I believe every creative person is... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt

I attended Free-Expressions Your Best Book last week. It was six ass-kicking, intense, and beautiful days of exploring the whys and hows to write a fantastic book. Lorin Oberweger, Brenda Windberg, and Emma Dryden were the core staff. I wish I could sprinkle some of the magic they carry in their hearts on you. But... Continue Reading →

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