¿Sabes qué es esto?

Do you know what this is? GLITTERBOMB dropped in Spanish today! My first translated work! Pick up your copy today! Click here.


A Good Beginning

I have 3 book ideas taking up space in my head, along with a plethora of essays, and several short stories. I've wanted to dive into my new book for a while. But querying and life got the best of me, I slipped into a deep funk, and am finally appreciating the sunshine promising me... Continue Reading →

The end of year good stuff list

2016 was erratic, challenging and awesome. Since I'm an optimist, I'm going to talk about some of the awesome. Perhaps optimism will scare away some of the craptacular bits and they'll never return. I made friends. Real good, make me smile, and excited to see them friends. Writing and creative friends. Got an agent and published friends.... Continue Reading →

A Letter from a Mad Woman

In honor of Halloween- I wanted to share something dark and creepy. This is a story I wrote pretending to be crazy and trapped. I call it "Letter from a Mad Woman"-Enjoy! A letter written as a mad woman: Deb, Managing this pen on my back is what is keeping me from disappearing all together.... Continue Reading →

PitchSlam Team Obi-Wan and the Wookies

This morning I woke up and found I made the PitchSlam Kimberly Vanderhorst team Obi-Wan and the Wookies and I immediately began shaking and crying tears of happiness. Thank you Pitch Slam Jedi masters for taking the time to create this contest, for reading and critiquing all the entries sharing your feedback and rocking the Force in... Continue Reading →

Promising Pages

I wanted to pass along some information about Promising Pages upcoming "Bookie Awards" where they will be honoring literacy efforts in the Charlotte community. They have categories for local author and local children's author among others. I hope you can help spread the word and perhaps even nominate a deserving person or two. Promising Pages... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting Sunshine

I met Lisa A. Koosis in a MediaBistro YA class. I'd just moved cross-country and was jacked up on hormones desperately trying to convince my body to stop having miscarriages. So obviously I was stable and a pleasure to meet virtually. I was working my way through my first YA story WHAT DEATH HAS TOUCHED... Continue Reading →

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