Writing Credits and By Lines

Personal Essays:


It Happened To Me: An Oscar Winner Bullied Me So Badly I Quit The Film Industry :Picked up by Yahoo! and Time.com

What I Learned From The 5 Most Important First Kisses

I Ended My Relationship with A Cheater When His Wife Got Pregnant (used pen name)


The One Way I’m Afraid My Daughter Will Never See Me

I’ve Had Miscarriages Before, But Never Like This

On Trying Not to Expect Much From My Absent Dad Anymore

How I’m Dealing with My Daughter Ourgrowing Her Dolls

Parenting/Cafe Mom: My Daughter Is Terrified of Being Unpopular & I Don’t Know How to Help

Contributed to: My School Rocks Magazine, What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories, various newspapers, and ezines.


Glitterbomb: https://imagecomics.com/content/view/hard-hitting-horror-series-glitterbomb-arrives-in-paperback-this-march

Image Comics– contributed back matter essays.

Reviews for Glitterbomb: Newsarama book 1, book2, book 3 and book 4, Comicsverse

Short Stories:

moonShine Review:

Wolf a Modern Tale

1-800 Wings, Infomercial

Stone Crown Review:

Finger Paint

Hob Goblins


Expressing Motherhood, National Play about Motherhood

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