Nuggets of Wisdom from Writers to Writers

Hi friends, students and blog hoppers. I’m flattered that Carol Baldwin chose my writing tip from the many she received and you followed it here.

I have another import tidbit of wisdom to share. I keep this gem posted on the board in front of me.


It goes hand in hand with Don’t compare yourself to others.

What’s the most frustrating thing about your process?

If I had my drothers my process would be much faster. But you know what, it isn’t. And I’m proud of the essays, magazine articles and short stories that are published, but I can’t wait to announce my YA books to the world. It’s as if I’m writer not an author until I do.

So I work hard every day to finish my currant WIP.  Keep an eye out for me in 2017. I’m working hard to make it the timing of my life.

Good luck to you on your writing journey.



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BONI was a game-changer for me. The critical feedback, the top-notch instruction, and the overall experience gave me the confidence and discipline I needed to think of myself as a writer, which was an important step in helping me find an agent and a publisher. I highly recommend this workshop.”

— Erika Robuck, bestselling author of Hemingway’s Girl and Call Me Zelda

BONI, what can I say? There aren’t enough words, there really aren’t. But if I were forced to sum it up in just a few, I’d have to say — game changing event. The advice, guidance and encouragement I received from the staff at BONI, along with Don’s incredibly wise and gifted teachings, lead to the completion of my current novel, Lumière, and the courage to self-publish it. With an excerpt from Lumière, I won the 2012 BONI intensive scholarship, without which I would not have been able to attend. As I said before, there aren’t enough words. BONI is a game changing event.

— Jacqueline Garlick, Lumière – Book I of the Illumination Paradox Series

New Revisions

Finally, I get to pick my WIP back up. I missed it. I’m excited to dive back into work with my inner editor turned on. First task- read my book from cover to cover printed out. I’m not allowed to jump on my computer and make any revisions until I’m done. Multi-colored highlighters and sticky notes are my friends- keep me honest friends, this will be a challenge.

I completed a draft!

I did it! I wrote and hit print on the last pages of my WIP Dear Dead Drunk Girl. It’s amazing. I can’t really believe I did it. This draft was a challenge let me share why:

It’s foolish to celebrate without taking a moment to recognize the work this draft required of me:

1- got help for my depression and broke free from its funk

2- changed fonts (Emma D. Dryden it’s amazing how doing changing fonts altered my perception of what was on the pages! Helvetica is my new best friend.)

3- changed the tense of the narration

4- rearranged the order of my book moved whole chapters, deleted others, cut one form 25 pages to 7, cut all the “working my way into the chapter” pages

5-revised/rewrote 3/4 of the book- added tension took Doanld Maass‘ advice “Don’t spoon feed emotion to the reader- provoke it”

6-Thank you Nicole Garcia for holding my hand and walking me through many issues (xxoo)

7-thank you talented and insightful critique partners for being honest and telling me when it needed more work

8-added an emotional layer

9-made a character interesting and possibly dangerous

10-fell more in love with MC Mary

11- added emotional sub-plot

12- gave a side character new meaning

13 deleted 1000s of “thats” and “justs” –

OMG I did more than I realized. I’m so going shopping!

Now I must take the required space and time away from my WIP and let things breathe and settle. I’m excited to get into revision 4, I’ll get to do some of the fun stuff- massaging words, smoothing kinks and adding even more emotion.

In February I’ll be attending the Story Masters workshop.

And after I’m done with all that it’s going to be passed out to beta readers. Who’s interested?


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Welcome to my biggest giveaway EVER!!!

First up: the prizes! There’s going to be three main giveaways. Due to extensive shipping costs (literally hundreds of dollars) the first two prizes can only be shipped to American addresses. Because of this, the third prize is open only to international readers–anyone with an address outside of America. Additionally, I have certain goals for this project–to donate more beehives, to get more exposure for my newest book, to share the contest–and the more goals that are met, the more prizes I’m adding for everyone!

Out takes

I’m taking a  moment to celebrate where I am in the process. I finished chapter 24 in the 3rd draft of Dear Dead Drunk Girl. I’ve got 10 more chapters to revise before the draft is complete and I can break out into my I FINISHED THE DRAFT HAPPY DANCE.

Here’s a little of what didn’t make it into the draft:

I’m not heartless. I know what it feels like to be obsessed with a guy, to think about his every quirk and mannerism trying to decipher what each one means. To watch him so closely I can imitate his walk and how his face looks when he bites into a sour apple. The wondering if there are hidden messages behind his smiles, his almost touches and text messages.

Despite the fact this is abslutley written in MC Mary’s voice, it’s telling – she’s not living it. My job is to make her live through the trails of her life and death. #amwriting

A Writers Tool

I’ve been in a troubling mood for a few days, and this moring I realied why.

Nothing hurts like mining old wounds, shame and embarassment so I can authentically demonstrate the suffering of MC and the stages she goes through to forgive her trusted friend for betraying her. And then I dig deeper so she can forgive herself for the bad decisions she made and the pain they cause her grieving little sister.  ‪#‎amwriting‬‪#‎amcrying‬ ‪#‎thisshitisreal‬

7 authors- one location. Book Launch AND BELLY DANCING!

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Ten Things to Never Say to a Writer by terribleminds Chuck Wendig

I am copying this link and Chuck’s info becaus eit’s all him and I’m just laughing. Here’s to the writer’s life!



Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. This is his blog. He talks a lot about writing. And food. And the madness of toddlers. He uses lots of naughty language. NSFW. Probably NSFL. Be advised.

revision tip of the day

I’m breaking out my Scene Synopsis cards and using them as I revise my chapters. They’re a great tool to keep pace and tension high in a MS. 

Viewpoint character
inciting incident
swing beats
what makes this scene critical.