Early Bird Pricing for Ghosts, Haunts, and Haints: A Paranormal Writing Weekend

Dare to visit a historic haunted city and ponder the ghostly stories inhabiting the shadowy corners of your mind?


👻 GHOSTS, HAUNTS, AND HAINTS: A Paranormal Writing Weekend 👻

Want to write a ghost story? Announcing... 👻 GHOSTS, HAUNTS, AND HAINTS: A Paranormal Writing Weekend 👻 in Charleston, June 2019 with New York Times Bestselling Author Nova Ren Suma and Medium, Intuitive Healer, & Author Holly Raychelle Hughes And with a ghostly generative writing workshop led by Nova Ren Suma! We'll share details in... Continue Reading →


I am Jewish.   We are not recognized as a minority because it is a religion. anti-Semitism is now wrapped in anti-Israel language. Anti-Semitism is woven into university free speech and leaders of the women's march. The culture turns a blind eye because the rest of the message matters. But the rest of the message... Continue Reading →

Be You

Sometimes even the people who say they want the best for you have ulterior motives. They have a conscious or unconscious agenda, and it benefits them if you stay where you are or be what they want you to be. Don't be anyone else's vision of you. Be you. It's why you're here. To shine... Continue Reading →

Querying Resources

Query Tacker:  Become a QueryTracker Member Join QueryTracker to access more query and agent information, including... Search tools to help you find the right agent for your book. Agent statistics, detailing how long each agent typically takes to respond to a query. Read comments by other authors who have queried the same agents you have.... Continue Reading →


Did you know I'm offering a free mentorship to another young adult writer? Yup. I am. If you write young adult fiction and are querying or about to query you may just want to check out #YA4YA Did you miss our live Twitter chat last night? All the amazing mentors talked about ourselves and what... Continue Reading →

I believe her

As people try to understand what's happening in our world they ask me, "What do you remember?"...Rape doesn't look one way. It looks like violence. It steals. It's a secret.  

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