How To Give A Critique

You and a critique partner have swapped pages. You’re anxious about how they’ll respond to your work. Will they love it? Hate it? Tear it apart. Find every fault? You open the document they sent you- what’s the first thing you do? Crack your knuckles and twist your devilishly waxed mustache? Pull every book on... Continue Reading →

Stepping Out From Behind The Keyboard

I love writing. I love the pleasure and the pain of creating stories and ultimately sharing them with readers. I especially enjoy this from the safe space of home on this side of the keyboard. But it's time to step out from behind the curtain and share my stories face-to-face. The idea of standing in... Continue Reading →

Query Tip

I've seen an odd trend on social media this week. I see people posting their rejection letters. The writers blur out the name of the agent and or publisher, but post the rest. I'm here to let you all know posting these is unprofessional. I spoke with seasoned agents, writers, and editors and they all... Continue Reading →

Exciting News

Hey Ghosts, Haunts, and Haints fans, @novaren and I have BIG news to share about our writing weekend coming this June...stay tuned...#paranormal #fiction #horror #YA #Amwriting #amediting #surprise #writingretreat #ARoomAwayFromTheWolves

Too Much Hate

Where there is fear There is hate. I see and feel too much hate lately. I try to run from it, but I understand I must stand and be seen not hating. So I wrote this:   There's a safety in the seats we fill. In the distance between our words hurled at one another... Continue Reading →


I am Jewish.   We are not recognized as a minority because it is a religion. anti-Semitism is now wrapped in anti-Israel language. Anti-Semitism is woven into university free speech and leaders of the women's march. The culture turns a blind eye because the rest of the message matters. But the rest of the message... Continue Reading →

Be You

Sometimes even the people who say they want the best for you have ulterior motives. They have a conscious or unconscious agenda, and it benefits them if you stay where you are or be what they want you to be. Don't be anyone else's vision of you. Be you. It's why you're here. To shine... Continue Reading →

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