I am Jewish.
We are not recognized as a minority because it is a religion. anti-Semitism is now wrapped in anti-Israel language. Anti-Semitism is woven into university free speech and leaders of the women’s march. The culture turns a blind eye because the rest of the message matters. But the rest of the message can never matter if any of the message is intolerant and hateful.
We allow colleges to allow hate crimes against the Jews and to teach hate and claim it is free speech. We allow the UN to denounce Israel for “genocide”, the slander and lies never end.
We are the casualty of hate that the world permits. Who are the Jews? Those people who were so close to being exterminated?
But today, did you see us die today? Did you see our elders surround an infant and celebrate him in bullets and blood?
From a poisoned mind came vengeance. From a confused heart came fear. With heads bowed and prayers being said, one heard threats and violence. So he met it with violence.
And you show his face and you share his stories, leaving bread crumbs for others with enough hate and need to blame to feed on. To let their seeds of hate grow, to follow in despicable footsteps.
I say no! I say stop!
Go out and love someone today. Love them hard and love them for being different from you. Love them because they need to be loved. Love them because who knows what hate mongering person will show up next and murder them.

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