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Want to pitch or practice pitching? Check out the Guide to Literary Agents Lucky Agent contest.

Some basic info:

The 15th (free!) “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest on the GLA blog. This is a recurring online contest with agent judges and super-cool prizes. Here’s the deal: With every contest, the details are essentially the same, but the niche itself changes—meaning each contest is focused around a specific category or two. So if you’re writing young adult fiction, this 15th contest is for you! (The contest is live through EOD, Wednesday, April 9, 2014.) See the sight for the details and fine print. See you there!

 contest for YA writers check it out  

First 250 Words of Dear Dead Drunk Girl, my WIP


Sneak peek at the first 250 words of Dear Dead Drunk Girl written by me! Great edits and feedback provided. What’s your take? Click the link below and let us know.

First Page Feedback: Dear Dead Drunk Girl

Quick pep talk for those of us in revision hell


It finally sank in. This draft of my book is not going to be the draft of all drafts. It will not fix all my plot problems. It will be written in beautiful un-perfection with typos and bad grammar. I told myself, self, “So what! It’s just a draft!” And my self is listening. I said, “Keep going!” And that’s what I’m going to do. That goes for all of my other writers friends too. Let’s do this!

Read Across America


Today I participated in Read Across America at the Whitewater Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was flattered the school reached out to me and was nervous about speaking to a class of sixth grade middle schoolers about writing.

On a wet, rainy day, I headed North on the 485, squeezed passed an all lane closing accident at exit 65 and made my way up to this impressive school.

I was walked into a class that was enjoying a substitute teacher…yikes! My hat goes off to all teachers, but subbing a middle grade room, that takes a special someone. I read my short story Finger Paint (available for a free download at Stone Crowns Magazine). I think a few may have been surprise that my story had a free-floating finger kept in a pickle jar.

Some students listened, others not so much. But that didn’t stop me from trying a writing exercise after I read. I asked the students to give me a few random words. I got: happy, scary, bouncing balls, and table. Then I asked them to try to write something during the next five minutes with those words in it. A few expressions were like…WTH? several got into it, others ate sunflower seeds.

6 students handed me their stories. I think that was brave of them. And I was proud that they tried. I wanted to feature a couple of the stories handed to me. I was impressed with what 6th graders can do. Enjoy!

I always worried about this house. Well, it’s not really the house it’s more of the kitchen table. Last week I was doing my homework in the kitchen when I was writing my answers, the table was moving. The week before that, I heard bouncing balls right beside it. The last night I woke up to get a cup of water, and the table was in my room. It’s something wrong with that table. 

This story is about a table no wait a funny scary table no I don’t know what to write scary funny table with boucing balls no that’s lame. I have to write a um…hold on. Bouncing balls went flying though a table and a scary cat jumped in the window and…

Great work! Who knows we may be reading their work on day soon.

Just keep writing

Lorin Oberweger is a genius. And very funny. This is my favorite part…what’s yours?
ON- DEMAND- diy mfa
Now, of course, some people create each day because they simply burn to do so. Their psyches feed the furnaces of their creative engines, and they just chug along, morning and night, fever-eyed, muttering, in a rhapsody borne of their own need to put something of themselves on the page (or screen).

Cheers to those folks. We’re just going to leave them in their happy, productive bubbles, serving as their own perpetual motion machines like those weird little “drinking birds” my parents had in the seventies. Chances are they’re not reading this article, anyway.


Exciting Event in Charlotte tonight


Big event for the Women’s National Book Association–Charlotte and Charlotte Writers’ Club tonight at
Queens University Conference Center, 2229 Tyvola Road, 7 p.m.
A Panel Presentation examining the connection between social media use and writing success. 

A panel of experienced book industry professionals will discuss social media as it relates to writers and authors – both those already published and those hoping to be published, whether traditional or self-published.

Participants will include: agent Josh Adams; author Christy Lynn Allen; publicist Trisina Dickerson; Executive Director of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, Wanda Jewell; author and writing instructor, Maureen Ryan Griffin; and, author Gary Powell.

revision hell


My YA MS Dear Dead Drunk Girl emerged from living with Mary, my MC, for 3 years. She was a secondary character in the first book I wrote and she deserved her own story to be told. I fell in love with her. I know her voice, her vices and her heart. I wrote the first draft of her story during the summer. I started in on the revisions in the fall. For the last three moths she went dark on me. My Mary was silent because my mind’s hands were white-knuckle-gripping my story’s throat. My determination to fix every plot issue resulted in my choking the life out of her voice. The past two weeks I’ve slowed down. I recalled that this book is about her, and her voice and story. Not about me making the story perfect in this revision. Message received. *deeps breaths

This Year Marks the 10-Year Anniversary of moonShine review


HR Hughes:

Love Anne M. Hicks and you should too. Think about submitting to her this year. Details below.

Originally posted on moonShine review:

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of moonShine review, we’re mixing it up and doing a few things differently this year. 

We’re breaking many of our own submission rules!

First off, we are publishing only ONE issue this year, but that issue will be super-sizedand filled with writers and photographers from our past ten years!  We invite all authors and photographers back to submit for this special issue and encourage new and aspiring writers and photographers to submit as well.  And, for this celebration, we will publish multiple photographers in a single issue.

Note that our submissions deadline this year will be July 1 (no March 1 or September 1 for this year only).

Please invite all your writer and photographer friends to submit—and spread the word!

Thank you,
Anne M. Hicks
Executive Editor & Publisher, moonShine review

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