Querying Resources

Query Tacker:  Become a QueryTracker Member Join QueryTracker to access more query and agent information, including... Search tools to help you find the right agent for your book. Agent statistics, detailing how long each agent typically takes to respond to a query. Read comments by other authors who have queried the same agents you have.... Continue Reading →



Did you know I'm offering a free mentorship to another young adult writer? Yup. I am. If you write young adult fiction and are querying or about to query you may just want to check out #YA4YA Did you miss our live Twitter chat last night? All the amazing mentors talked about ourselves and what... Continue Reading →

I believe her

As people try to understand what's happening in our world they ask me, "What do you remember?"...Rape doesn't look one way. It looks like violence. It steals. It's a secret.  

Punchy Book Club

Things I did today during Tropical Storm Florence: Watched the rain come down Listened to the storm coverage Watched water run down my street Colored my daughter's hair Played with temporary tattoos with daughter Colored my hair Walked the dog in the rain Read Snacked Watched how my friends are holding up in the storm... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Florence

As we brace for the impact of Hurricane Florence, I want to reach out and make sure you're prepared. Get yourself some non-perishable food, nourishing food hat is eatable without needing to be cooked, candles, several days of clothing, cash, full tanks of gas, luggage filled with at least 3 days of clothing, medicine, toiletries... Continue Reading →

You Are A Warrior

To my creative friends, the writers, artists, and musicians. I'm so proud of you for listening to the part of your soul that would be unfulfilled without art. Instead of numbing yourself and deadening the call you listen. You create. You live!

Dear Demi

Dear Demi, I'm sorry you're struggling. You didn't have to write me a letter for me to feel your pain. You see, I know your pain. I've watched it and lived through it and felt the shakes and the  shame. I know the power of addiction, its secret seductive lies and the lies it makes you... Continue Reading →

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