¿Sabes qué es esto?

Do you know what this is? GLITTERBOMB dropped in Spanish today! My first translated work! Pick up your copy today! Click here.


Emma Gonzalez I See You.

I want to wrap Emma Gonzalez in my arms and keep her safe. I want to pull her out of the glare of public consumption and protect her. Give her space to hopefully ease her way back into a life without having to lead adults. Let her grieve and heal. Let her be quiet. Let... Continue Reading →

Creating Community

Did you know writing can be a lonely process? I spend my days talking to the characters in my head and creating the drama they endure and the love that drives them, but really it's me sitting at my desk thumping away at my keyboard in a rhythm that some days is fast and others... Continue Reading →

as a survivor

I have a lot on my mind today and was wondering if you have a moment to share your thoughts.   How are we teaching and how have we been teaching our children and people the difference between a decision they regret, are ashamed of, and are embarrassed by verses assault?   How is our... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day

When I was young Valentines Day was very important to me, which makes no sense because all it ever did was make me feel was less than, less desirable, less pretty, less everything. Now the day doesn't hold me in its grip. No panic. No fear. No prompt required to tell anyone I love them.... Continue Reading →


You can't imagine how crazy freaky thrilled I am to know GLITTERBOMB is part of COMICON 2018. Here's proof! Oliver MacNamee interviewed the creators Jim Zub and Djibril Morissette about GLITTERBOMB VOLUME 2, THE FAME GAME. Inset SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!    

Great Interview

Matt Chats interviews Jim Zub, the creator of GLITTERBOMB. How we were ahead of the Hollywood sexual harassment stories, his original vision, and what the creative team behind the first two volumes. "...They say art mimics life, but the parallels between Volume 1 on Glitterbomb and the Weinstein Effect are pretty astounding. Have recent happenings... Continue Reading →

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