Valentines Day

When I was young Valentines Day was very important to me, which makes no sense because all it ever did was make me feel was less than, less desirable, less pretty, less everything. Now the day doesn't hold me in its grip. No panic. No fear. No prompt required to tell anyone I love them.... Continue Reading →



You can't imagine how crazy freaky thrilled I am to know GLITTERBOMB is part of COMICON 2018. Here's proof! Oliver MacNamee interviewed the creators Jim Zub and Djibril Morissette about GLITTERBOMB VOLUME 2, THE FAME GAME. Inset SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!    

Great Interview

Matt Chats interviews Jim Zub, the creator of GLITTERBOMB. How we were ahead of the Hollywood sexual harassment stories, his original vision, and what the creative team behind the first two volumes. "...They say art mimics life, but the parallels between Volume 1 on Glitterbomb and the Weinstein Effect are pretty astounding. Have recent happenings... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Just Once

Perhaps you think waiting 20 years is too long to wait to speak up. I don't and here's why. 20 years is time to heal, grow past trauma, and regain personal power. It's time to forget and bury. It's the time necessary because back then, no one spoke up and the unwritten violent rule of... Continue Reading →

I believe you

The number of women sharing their #metoo stories is both #inspiring and #triggering. I don't use the word trigger lightly, I mean it. As a survivor of sexual assault I can honestly say all the honesty is affecting me. Reminding me of all the times I was touched and harassed, there are more incidents I spoke... Continue Reading →

The Fear is Real

The Harvey Weinstein story is close to my heart. In May 2016 I shared my story of sexual harassment on the set of the movie Election. When I first shared my story men and women who worked on the set reached out to me PRIVATELY, to share their stories and say they were impressed with... Continue Reading →

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