Are you suffering from sexual harassment fatigue? Good.

Are you suffering from sexual harassment fatigue? Good. It's not even the beginning of the truth. I bet there are millions of harassers fearing exposure and they'll get lucky and their name will be left off the public shaming list. So many will get away with it again and again and again. Victims are silent... Continue Reading →


I believe you

The number of women sharing their #metoo stories is both #inspiring and #triggering. I don't use the word trigger lightly, I mean it. As a survivor of sexual assault I can honestly say all the honesty is affecting me. Reminding me of all the times I was touched and harassed, there are more incidents I spoke... Continue Reading →

The Fear is Real

The Harvey Weinstein story is close to my heart. In May 2016 I shared my story of sexual harassment on the set of the movie Election. When I first shared my story men and women who worked on the set reached out to me PRIVATELY, to share their stories and say they were impressed with... Continue Reading →

How I Got My Literary Agent

My friend Monica sat across the table from me. We noshed Cheesecake Factory bread and butter after having a few drinks during our 1-½ hour wait to be seated. “I still haven’t written the how I got my agent blog post,” I said. “You have to,” she said. Her hair was pulled up and she... Continue Reading →

NY Times Bestseller List

One of the things I LOVE about kid lit is how tight and cool the community is. I've emailed, interviewed, and am actual friends with (some all 3 others not) 3 authors on this list of 10. I've read books written by most of the rest. I'm not bragging, I want you to know even... Continue Reading →

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